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HCT DVC700 Series Controllers Redesigned


Buy HCT DVC700 Series programmable controllers AustraliaThe HCT DVC700 series have been redesigned with added improvements specifically for the fluid power industry. DV700 product line from High Country Tek (HCT) is a superb performer well known  in the hydraulics industry as a robust and reliable electro-hydraulic control solution. The mining and construction industries have been relying on this product line for quite some time with huge success.

With it’s advanced design capabilities and dependability, the DVC700 series is an ideal choice in most environments, and can handle especially harsh environments. HCT are no stranger to supplying electronic control solutions to the global fluid power industry and Custom Fluidpower are an HCT Australian distributor.

The DVC700 Series has recently undergone improvement in peer to peer communication, which runs on the Intella Software Suite. These controllers are both configurable and programmable which gives you a lot of flexibility without having to sacrifice any of the more complex feature capabilities. Be creative with the ability to design unique high performance systems using the configurable inputs and outputs of these controllers.

  • Selectable intelligent operational profiles maintain critical engine RPM.

  • The ability to create hydraulic attachment profiles for different applications.

  • Full colour displays which are visible in extreme environments and daylight use.

  • Varying travel speeds for different terrain.

  • Hydrostatic drives can be controlled for vehicle performance.

  • The DVC700 series can control two wheel and four wheel steering

  • The DVC700 series can control rear steering, crab and counter rotate modes

  • Regulated proportional outputs

  • Input and output function curves for nonlinear joystick control

  • Directional and speed control of cylinders, motors, and hydrostatic drives (up/down, left/right, tilt/yaw, forward/reverse)

  • Input and output function curves for nonlinear joystick control

  • Simple program setup using configurable I/O settings

Manage the entire system with the Intella Software Suite. The DVC710 and DVC707 can be used as stand alone controllers that are programmable, but they can also be used as master controllers. To use them as master controllers simply use with the added I/O expansion modules.

Large or small projects will find the diagnostic and monitoring tools of particular interest as well as the custom capabilities.

DVC Expansion Modules

The latest expansion modules are programmable with J1939 Electronic Control Module (ECM) and useable with the DVC700 Master Controller. If you want to integrate into systems without having to use a Master Controller, you can use the SAE J1939 communication the DVC725 and DVC745.

Interface the following directly with the DVC725 and DVC745 via CAN bus:

  • Safety

  • Position

  • Emergency

  • Limit

  • Position

  • Sensor switches

  • Lights

  • Alarms

  • On and Off valves

The J1939 CAN has capabilities for programming devices such as HCT’s rugged displays. You can view, log and monitor as well as control the system I/O through the vehicle CAN bus.

The DV700 Series of Controllers are recommended for the following:


Mining & Exploration







Motor Graders


Rock crushers

Drilling Machines


Compact Front Loaders




Tree Shakers

Demolition Attachments


Scissor Lifts


Front Loaders



Tyre Handlers

Mining Trucks



Feller Bunchers

Skid Steers

Mining Vehicles

Soil Cultivators



Boring Machines


View and download the brochure with a full list of features and improvements here. Contact us for more information on this and other HCT products.

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