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Environmental Policy

Custom Fluidpower is committed to developing environmentally responsible policies and practices in the production of quality products, processes and services.  In maintaining this high standard, Custom Fluidpower will take appropriate precautions to minimise any potentially adverse impact of its activities on the environment, the community, its workers and others in the Workplace.


The purpose of this Policy is to create a framework for understanding and managing Custom Fluidpower's environmental impact and to clearly state Custom Fluidpower's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.


This Policy covers the operations of all Custom Fluidpower worksites.


Custom Fluidpower aims to conduct its operations in accordance with the relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards, and with any agreement entered into by Custom Fluidpower concerning its environmental practices.

Management of Environmental Impacts

Custom Fluidpower will maintain a high standard of environmental practices in a cost-effective manner by:
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement
Custom Fluidpower is committed to improving the environment through the products, processes and services offered and provide these in a manner that protects human health and the environment.  Custom Fluidpower aims to take appropriate action to correct any deficiencies identified.  Workers and others in the Workplace are required to comply with any such lawful and reasonable direction by Custom Fluidpower in order to correct any deficiencies identified.
  • Continual improvement and preventation of pollution
Custom Fluidpower aims to operate in a manner designed to continually minimise, and where reasonably practicable, eliminate releases to the air, land or water in amounts that cause harm to human health an the environment.  Custom Fluidpower aims to focus on safe technoligies and operating practices, and have procedures in place to deal with emergencies.
  • Waste Management
Custom Fluidpower aims to exercise all due care in the disposal of waste produced by our activities and Custom Fluidpower aims to develop plans and actions to reduce waste, including the encouragement of recycling.
  • Education and Training
Custom Fluidpower aims to ensure that its Workers are educated and equipped to identify and act upon opportunities to minimise environmental impacts.


The Custom Fluidpower management team is responsible for overseeing the creation, compliance, review and implementation of this Policy.


Custom Fluidpower acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and ranks them equally with its other business objectives. Environmental management plans and policies are an integral part of the overall planning and management processes, and will be reviewed on an on-going basis.

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Environmental Policy Environmental Policy (200kb)

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