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Fluidtech International Brand Now Retired

As you are aware, FluidTech International Pty Ltd joined Custom Fluidpower Pty Ltd in December 2007, and on the 1st March 2010 FluidTech International was further integrated when they began trading under the Custom Fluidpower ABN, as they still do today.

During this time both businesses have been further integrated and now work from the same facilities in NSW, both at Carrington and Singleton. The strategy for this integration was, and remains to pool together the knowledge, skill, expertise and resources of both companies to enable an even greater level of service, support and technical know how to our customers.

The Board of Custom Fluidpower Pty Ltd has made the strategic decision to complete the integration of both businesses by retiring the FluidTech International brand and operating the whole business trading as Custom Fluidpower Pty Ltd. This change will be effecitve from 1st August 2012.

We believe that this change in branding will have minimal to no impact on you, our valued customer, due to the fact that it is a name change only. All company information such as ABN, bank account, contact details and most importantly, the staff are not changing. Email addresses for FluidTech International staff will be updated to CFP email addresses, however the current email addresses will still be active into the near future.

[Downloadable below] are the terms and conditions of sale for all members of the Custom Fluidpower Group. These terms and condtions are identical to the FluidTech International terms and conditions other than the business name.

Custom Fluidpower staff look forward to providing you with the same exemplary service you have come to expect throughout 2012 and for many years to come.

Yours Faithfully

Troy Andrews
Manager - Southern Region
Custom Fluidpower Pty Ltd

Download the announcement here.


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